HC Cross Minis

Miniature World of Honourcrosses

Honour Cross Minis

 There was not only the fullsize Honour crosses , all kind of miniatures was also sold.

 Most common of course as ribbon bars wíth only the ribbon but there was an alternative when you got a mini cross on the ribbon or a "Knopfloch" a button with ribbons sometimes with mini awards on it. The last type here is the full metal mini awards on a pin.

Here I will show some examples of the miniature world of Honour Crosses 

A wonderful miniature of of Widow/Parents cross.

A wounded Fighter

Here is an example of a fighter that has been wounded at least twice and survived the war to get his " FrontkämpferKreuz " in 1934/35.

He also got an EK II , the button is not maker marked but many firms did these in the 1930s 

A soldier from Sachsen ?

Here another example , with EK II and  an Order from Saxony  " Sachsen Ernestiner Haus Orden 2 klasse "  probably.

This button is not marked , but sometimes you find these small awards marke dfrom firms like Godet and so on.

Simple but nice

Here is one with only EK II and HEK , on a simple brass button. 
Probably worn in 1930s with pride of an ex soldier.

Godet & Sohn , Berlin

A very nice brass button with only the Honour cross on it , backside marked Godet & Sohn , Berlin. A high quality piece

EK and HEK

A rather unusual version with EK and Honour Cross on a small roll.
backside made of some blank metal. I have no idea of the maker of these 

Big Swords

Here is one version with very large swords , still only the Honour cross on it.

Backside marked BODO 

With Needle

And here a interesting some more de lux version. 

A Honour Cross with swords on a pin with a small brass weight to keep it in place
inside the brass is a spring and probably this version was quite expensive ?

Wurtemberg Soldier

Another pin version but now as an small ribbonbar attached to a pin
Here we have EK II , Wurtemberg MVM so probably a enlisted or NCO from Wurtemberg.

rather unusual in this form 

Four ribbon mini

Here a small button with not less than four ribbons on it 

EK II , HEK , Austria Com Medal, and Hungary Com Medal. 

Button marked SOLIDO

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